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Current Events:
Store Hours
8am - 9pm Daily

Capella Market Food Fair: Fr & Sa, May 20 & 21
Mark your calendars and join us. Try a taste of what our fabulous Local Food & Beverage Crafters have to offer!

Food Fair BBQs: Fr 5.20 & Sa, 5.21 12-3pm
While your here for the Food Fair, drop by the BBQ tent for a vegie BBQ on Fr and a meat BBQ on Sa.

Aisle 105/17Justin'sOrganic Pnut Butter CupsDark, Milk or White Chocolate4.7 OZ4.496.29
Aisle 105/17Little SecretsCreme Filled Crispy WafersAssorted Varieties1.4 OZ3/$52.25
Aisle 105/17Panda LicoriceLicorice ChewsAssorted Varieties7 OZ2.993.85-3.89
Aisle 1_Beer05/17Van Henion BrewingHelles Lager, IPA or Kolsch 6/12 oz9.4911.99
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Bubbies of San FranciscoBread & Butter Pickle Chips 33 OZ6.9910.29
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Bubbies of San FranciscoKosher Dill Relish 16 OZ4.996.99
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Bubbies of San FranciscoKosher DillsBaby16 OZ5.497.79
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Bubbies of San FranciscoSauerkraut 25 OZ6.999.99
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17El BurritoSoyrizo 12 OZ3.995.59
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Food for LifeOrganic TortillasEzekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain12 OZ3.995.09
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17SieteGF TortillasCassava Coconut, Almond or Chickpea Flour7 OZ7.9911.49
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Upton's NaturalsSeitan Bacon 5 OZ3.995.19
Aisle 1_Chlld05/17Upton's NaturalsSeitan Chorizo 8 OZ4.195.39
Aisle 1_Chz05/17Clawson CotswoldDble Gloucesterw/Onions & Chiveslb13.9916.49
Aisle 1_Chz05/17Rogue CreameryClassic Oregon BlueOrganic Cow's Milklb20.9923.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Alden's OrganicOrganic Ice CreamAssorted Varieties14 OZ4.496.89
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Alex'S Awesome SourdoughSourdough PizzaAssorted Varieties12 OZ7.9910.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Beyond MeatBeyond Burgers 8 OZ5.457.15
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Beyond MeatBeyond Sausage LinksBrats or Hot Italian14 OZ7.9910.55
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Brazi BitesBrazilian Cheese BreadCheddar Parmesan or Garlic Asiago11.5 OZ4.996.59
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Canyon BakehouseGF BreadHeritage Honey White24 OZ6.999.59
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Canyon BakehouseGF BreadBurger Buns or 7 Grain Bread12-18 OZ5.497.59
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17CaulipowerCauliflower PizzaPepperoni11.3 OZ8.4911.89
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17CaulipowerCauliflower PizzaCrust12 OZ6.999.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17CaulipowerCauliflower PizzaThree Cheese or Margherita11.6 OZ6.999.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Cosmic BlissOrganic Coconut Ice CreamAssorted Varieties14 OZ5.997.49
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Dr. Praeger'sGF Veggie BurgersSuper Greens10 OZ4.995.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Dr. Praeger'sGF Veggie BurgersCalifornia10 OZ4.995.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Feel Good FoodsSquare Pan PizzaMargherita17.8 OZ8.9911.29
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Food for LifeOrganic Sprouted BreadCinnamon Raisin24 OZ7.8510.09
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Food for LifeOrganic Sprouted Bread7 Grain, Ezekial 4:9 Flax or Flourless24 OZ5.998.59
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Jack & Annie'sJackfruit Plant ProteinCrispy Nuggets, Buffalo Wings or Sausage Patty8.1-10.1 OZ4.996.39
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Nada Moo!Organic Coconut Ice CreamMaple Pecan or Cookies & Cream16 oz5.497.19
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17OzoPlant Based GroundsMexican or Original12 OZ4.499.55
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Udi's Gluten FreeGF BagelCinnamon Raisin13.9 OZ4.896.75
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Udi's Gluten FreeGF BreadMultigrain12 OZ4.996.99
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Udi's Gluten FreeGF BunsClassic Burger 4 PK10.4 OZ4.195.79
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Udi's Gluten FreeGF BunsClassic Hot Dog 6 Pk14.4 OZ4.596.39
Aisle 2_Frzn05/17Wholly WholesomeGF Pie Crusts9" 2 pk14.9 OZ5.497.35
Aisle 2_FrznFE05/17Chloe'sFruit PopsCherry Grape10/1.5 OZ4.997.49
Aisle 2_FrznFE05/17Cosmic BlissOG Coconut Ice Cream SndwchDark Chocolate or Vanilla5.25 OZ4.396.15
Aisle 2_FrznFE05/17GoodpopFrozen PopsOrange N Cream, Hibiscus Mint4/2.5 OZ4.495.89-5.99
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17De Casa Fine FoodsOrganic Red Salsas or Bean DipAssorted Varieties14-14.4oz3.154.19
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/29De Casa Fine FoodsGreen Salsa 14oz3.454.59
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17HopeCashew & Almond DipFrench Onion or Spinach Artichoke8 OZ 3.995.59
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17Hope FoodsOrganic GuacamoleGreen Chile Mild 8 OZ3.995.49
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17Hope FoodsOrganic HummusOriginal15 OZ4.496.69
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17Hope FoodsOrganic HummusAssorted Varieties8 OZ 2.994.59
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17House FoodsShirataki NoodlesAssorted Varieties8 OZ2/$42.89
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17YucatanOrganic GuacamoleYucatan 1 LB6.999.39
Aisle 2_GrbnGo05/17YucatanSqueeze GuacamoleMild12 OZ5.497.19
Aisle 2_Wine05/17Ruggeri CorsiniBarbera 750 ml14.4916.99
Aisle 2_Wine05/17Ruggeri CorsiniLanghe Bianco 750 ml12.9914.99
Aisle 3_EBCllr05/17Perfect BarPlant Based Protein BarsBar or Peanut Butter Cup Varieties2.5 OZ2/$53.59
Aisle 3_Hshld05/17Bi-O-KleenLaundry LiquidAssorted Varieties64 OZ10.9914.59
Aisle 3_Hshld05/17Country SaveLaundry Detergent80 Wash50 OZ7.4910.79
Aisle 3_Hshld05/17Seventh GenerationAuto Dish GelUltra Power +65 OZ8.4912.19
Aisle 3_Hshld05/17Seventh GenerationAuto Dish PowderFree & Clear75 OZ7.4910.65
Aisle 3_NatHlth05/17AttitudeShampoos & ConditionersAssorted Varieties8-16 oz10.1911.45
Aisle 405/17Kate'sOrganic Energy BarsAssorted Varieties2.2 OZ2/$42.79
Aisle 405/17LarabarNutrition BarsAssorted Varieties1.6-1.7 OZ5/$51.89
Aisle 505/17Annie Chun'sRice NoodlesBrn Rice Pad Thai, Original8 OZ2.993.85
Aisle 505/17Arrowhead MillsOrganic Yellow Popcorn 28 OZ4.495.49
Aisle 505/17Barbara's BakeryCheese Puffs BakedAssorted Varieties5.5 OZ2/$53.69
Aisle 505/17BarnanaPlantain ChipsAssorted Varieties4-5 OZ3.494.99
Aisle 505/17BeanfieldsBean & Rice ChipsAssorted Varieties5.5 OZ2/$64.29
Aisle 505/17DangSticky Rice ChipsAssorted Varieties3.5 OZ3.493.95
Aisle 505/17DangToasted Coconut ChipsAssorted Varieties3.17 OZ3.494.69
Aisle 505/17FodySalsaMild or Medium16 OZ4.496.15
Aisle 505/17From the Ground UpCauliflower ChipsAssorted Varieties3.5 OZ3.494.49
Aisle 505/17FronteraCooking SaucesAssorted Varieties8 OZ1.992.89
Aisle 505/17FronteraGuacamole Mix 4.5 OZ1.592.29
Aisle 505/17FronteraSalsasAssorted Varieties16 OZ3.995.39
Aisle 505/17Garden of Eatin'Taco ShellsYellow or Blue Corn5.5 OZ3.494.99
Aisle 505/17Garden of Eatin'Tortilla ChipsAssorted Varieties16 OZ4.997.59
Aisle 505/17Late July SnacksOrganic Tortilla ChipsSea Salt14.75 Z3.795.29
Aisle 505/17Lesser EvilOrganic PopcornNo Cheese Cheesiness, Himalayan Salt5 OZ2.993.99
Aisle 505/17Milk BarCookiesAssorted Varieties6.5 OZ3.494.89
Aisle 505/17SalpicaSalsasAssorted Varieties16 OZ3.495.39
Aisle 505/17SieteAvocado Oil ChipsAssorted Varieties5.5 OZ3.294.59
Aisle 505/17SieteGrain Free Tortilla ChipsSea Salt or Lime5 OZ4.495.89
Aisle 505/17SieteSeasoning MixesAssorted Varieties1.29-1.38 OZ1.993.09
Aisle 505/17SieteTaco ShellsGrain Free5.5 OZ4.896.79
Aisle 505/17Simply OrganicOrganic Seasoning MixAssorted Varieties1.13 OZ3/$41.89
Aisle 505/17SpudloveOrganic Potato ChipsAssorted Varieties5 OZ3.494.49
Aisle 505/17Terra ChipsRoot Veggie ChipsAssorted Varieties5.5-6 OZ3.995.19
Aisle 505/17Terra ChipsTaro ChipsOriginal6 OZ4.496.55
Aisle 505/17The Daily CraveVeggie StrawsHimalayan Pink Salt4.5 OZ3.494.09
Aisle 505/17The Good Crisp CompanyPotato CrispsAssorted Varieties5.6 OZ2/$63.99
Aisle 505/17Theo ChocolateOrganic Cookie BitesAssorted Varieties4 OZ3.995.59
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Alkaline88Enhanced 8.8pH Mineral Water 16 OZ2/$32.29
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Alkaline88Enhanced 8.8pH Mineral Water 1 gal.3.995.59
Aisle 5_Bev05/17GerolsteinerMineral Water 25.3 OZ2/$52.99
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Nixie Sparkling WaterOrganic Sparkling WaterAssorted Varieties8/12 OZ3.996.49
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Q DrinksGinger Ale 750 ml4.956.79
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Q DrinksGinger Beer 4/6.7 OZ4.956.79
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Q DrinksMixersAssorted Varieties4/7.5 OZ3.995.15
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Q DrinksMixersMargarita or Vine Ripe Tomato4/7.5 OZ5.997.39
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Q DrinksTonic Water 750 ml4.956.79
Aisle 5_Bev05/17San PellegrinoItalian Sparkling DrinksAssorted Varieties6/11.15 OZ5.497.69
Aisle 5_Bev05/17San PellegrinoSparkling Mineral Water 1 LTR2.252.65
Aisle 5_Bev05/17San PellegrinoSparkling Mineral Water 750 ML1.992.39
Aisle 5_Bev05/17Santa Cruz OrganicOrganic LemonadesAssorted Varieties32 OZ2/$53.25
Aisle 5_Bev05/17ZeviaZero Calorie SodaAssorted Varieties6/12 OZ4.996.89
Aisle 5_Deli05/17Sweet Sydney'sCookiesChocolate Chunk1.8 OZ1.592.15
Aisle 5_Deli05/17Sweet Sydney'sCookiesLemon Bar2.5 OZ2.152.79
Aisle 5_DeliCllr05/17Jake's Nut RoastersSeasoned AlmondsAssorted Varieties7 OZ3.996.15-6.19
Aisle 5_EBCllr05/17Brew Dr KombuchaOrganic KombuchaAssorted Varieties14 oz 2.493.15
Aisle 605/17Annie's HomegrownDeluxe Mac & CheeseAssorted Varieties11.3 OZ3.495.89
Aisle 605/17Annie's HomegrownDeluxe Rice Mac & Cheese GFEx Cheesy Cheddar11 OZ3.956.69
Aisle 605/17Arrowhead MillsOrganic Red Lentils 16 OZ4.495.79
Aisle 605/17Chickapea PastaOrganic Chickpea Lentil PastaLinguine8 OZ3.955.49
Aisle 605/17Chickapea PastaOrganic Chickpea Lentil PastaLasagna8 OZ4.295.99
Aisle 605/17Chickapea PastaOrganic Chickpea Lentil PastaSpaghetti or Linquine8 OZ3.955.49
Aisle 605/17DececcoSemonlina PastaAssorted Varieties16 OZ2/$63.89
Aisle 605/17Eden FoodsOrganic BeansAssorted Varieties15 OZ2.693.39--3.79
Aisle 605/17From the Ground UpGF Cauliflower CrackersAssorted Varieties4 OZ3.494.39
Aisle 605/17Garden of Eatin'Organic Refried BeansBlack or Traditional16 OZ2.493.69-4.09
Aisle 605/17Lucini ItaliaPasta SauceAssorted Varieties25.5 OZ7.9910.09
Aisle 605/17Nairn'sOrganic Oat Cakes 8.8 OZ3.595.09
Aisle 605/17Native ForestOrganic Canned FruitAssorted Varieties14 OZ3.694.89-5.29
Aisle 605/17Native ForestOrganic Canned FruitMandarin Oranges10.75 OZ2.993.79
Aisle 605/17Rao's HomemadeAlfredo SauceGarlic or Classic15 OZ7.9910.39
Aisle 605/17Rao's HomemadeNatural Pizza Sauce 13 OZ4.496.29
Aisle 605/17Rao's HomemadePasta SaucesAssorted Varieties24 OZ7.9910.79
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchAhi Wild Yellowfin TunaOlive Oil5 OZ3.494.85
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchAhi Wild Yellowfin TunaAvocado Oil5 OZ3.494.85
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchWild Albacore Tuna 5 OZ3.995.65
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchWild Albacore TunaNo Salt Added5 OZ3.995.65
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchWild Skipjack Tuna 5 OZ2.994.19
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchWild Skipjack TunaCitrus Pepper5 OZ3.494.79
Aisle 605/17Safe CatchWild Skipjack TunaGarlic Herb5 OZ3.494.79
Aisle 605/17Simple MillsPita, Almond or Seed Flour CrackersAssorted Varieties4.25 OZ3.995.69
Aisle 605/17TinkyadaGF Brown Rice PastaPenne or Shells16 OZ2.954.09
Aisle 605/17TinkyadaOrganic GF Brown Rice PastaLasagna10 OZ3.254.65
Aisle 605/17TinkyadaOrganic GF Brown Rice PastaSpaghetti12 OZ3.254.59
Aisle 605/17TinkyadaOrganic GF Brown Rice PastaElbows or Spirals12 OZ3.254.59
Aisle 605/17UptonsBar-B-Que Jackfruit 10.6 OZ4.596.35
Aisle 605/17WestbraeOrganic BeansAssorted Varieties25 OZ2.994.79
Aisle 605/17Wild PlanetWild Albacore TunaSalt5 OZ4.495.75
Aisle 605/17Wild PlanetWild Albacore TunaNo Salt5 OZ4.495.75
Aisle 605/17Wild PlanetWild Anchoviesin Water or in EV Olive Oil4.4 OZ2/$42.95
Aisle 605/17Wild PlanetWild SardinesAssorted Varieties4.4 OZ2/$42.95
Aisle 705/17California Olive RanchExtra Virgin Olive OilAssorted Varieties16.9 OZ8.4911.49-11.59
Aisle 705/17California Olive RanchExtra Virgin Olive Oil 33.8 OZ14.7920.69
Aisle 705/17Lucini ItaliaExtra Virgin Olive OilPremium Select25.4 OZ22.4932.79
Aisle 705/17Primal KitchenDressingsAssorted Varieties8 OZ5.996.99
Aisle 705/17Purely ElizabethPancake MixesAncient Grain or Grain Free10 OZ5.497.79
Aisle 705/17SieteHot SauceTraditional or Jalapeno5 OZ3.955.99
Aisle 705/17Simply OrganicOrganic Dip MixAssorted Varieties.7-1.5 OZ3/$41.89
Aisle 705/17Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Coconut OilUnrefined14 OZ7.9911.29
Aisle 705/17Spectrum NaturalsOrganic EV Olive Oil Unrefined8 OZ5.998.39
Aisle 705/17Spectrum NaturalsOrganic EV Olive Oil Unrefined12.7 OZ7.9911.09
Aisle 705/17Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Spray OilsSunflower5 OZ5.998.39
Aisle 705/17Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Spray OilsOlive, Extra Virgin5 OZ5.998.39
Aisle 705/17Theo ChocolateOrganic Baking Chocolate70% or 85% Dark4 OZ3.594.99
Aisle 7_Bev05/17Stash TeaHerb, Blk, Grn TeasAssorted Varieties18-20 BAG2/$64.09
Aisle 7_EB05/17ChocoloveDark Chocolate Chips 11 OZ4.496.15
Aisle 7_EB05/17Parm CrispsParmesan CrispsAssorted Varieties1.75 OZ2.993.79
Aisle 7_SaltEB05/17NatierraPink SaltShaker6 OZ3.995.69
Aisle 7_SaltEB05/17NatierraPink SaltFine In Jar10 OZ7.699.99
Aisle 805/17Barbara's BakeryBreakfast CerealAssorted Varieties10 OZ3.995.79-6.15
Aisle 805/17BearReal Fruit YoyosAssorted Varieties3.5 OZ2/$75.19
Aisle 805/17Bob's Red MillGF Instant Hot Oat MealBrown Sugar Maple, Apple Cinnamon9.88 OZ3.495.19
Aisle 805/17Front Porch PecansRoasted PecansSea Salt, BBQ or Maple4 OZ4.496.49
Aisle 805/17Made in NatureOrganic Dried FruitAssorted Varieties6 OZ4.495.39-5.89
Aisle 805/17Purely ElizabethGranolaAssorted Varieties12 OZ5.497.49-8.39
Aisle 805/17Royal Hawaiian OrchardsMacadamia NutsAssorted Varieties5 OZ5.498.39
Aisle 805/17Second NatureNut MedleysAssorted Varieties10-12 OZ6.498.69
Aisle 905/17Califia FarmsAlmond Milk CreamerAssorted Varieties32 OZ5.496.55-6.59
Aisle 905/17Califia FarmsBarista Almond or Oat MilkAssorted Varieties32 OZ5.495.55
Aisle 905/17NutpodsNon-Dairy CreamerAssorted Varieties11.2 OZ2.993.49-3.59
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Alexandre Family FarmOG A2/A2 Dbl Crm Top YogurtPlain24 OZ4.496.49
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Alexandre Family FarmOrganic A2/A2 Milk100% Grass Fed48 OZ5.498.59
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Alexandre Family FarmOrganic A2/A2 Milk100% Grass Fed28 OZ3.495.69
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Brown Cow YogurtCream Top YogurtMaple32 OZ3.994.99
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Califia FarmsAlmond or Oat Milk CreamerAssorted Varieties25.4 OZ5.496.39
Aisle 9_Dary05/17CocojuneOrganic Coconut YogurtAssorted Varieties4 OZ1.992.79
Aisle 9_Dary05/17NutpodsNon-Dairy CreamerAssorted Varieties25.4 OZ4.996.19
Aisle 9_Dary05/17Tofutti Brands, Inc.Better Than Sour Cream 12 OZ2.954.09
Aisle 9_Hshld05/17Seventh GenerationBath Tissue4 Pack4/300 CT4.495.39
Bulk05/17 Organic Cannellini Beans LB2.994.19
Bulk05/17 Organic Crystallized Ginger LB6.557.95
Bulk05/17 Organic Date Coconut Rolls LB4.195.69
Bulk05/17 Organic Farro LB2.554.55
Bulk05/17 Organic Red Lentils LB1.792.89
Bulk05/17 Organic Thompson Raisins LB2.493.15
FE05/17ChocoloveXO Chocolate Bars Sugar Free Varieties3.2 OZ2.994.25
FE05/17Chocolove Chocolate BarsAssorted Varieties3.2 OZ2/$53.49
FE05/17Chocolove Organic Chocolate Bars73% Dark, Choc Cherry3.2 OZ3.254.45
FE05/17Country ArcherJerkyMango Habanero Beef2.5 OZ5.996.75
FE05/17Divine ChocolateChocolate BarsAssorted Varieties3 OZ2/$64.29
FE05/17Free2bSunflower Butter CupsRice Chocolate1.4 OZ1.692.35
FE05/17Justin'sOrganic Pnut Butter CupsMilk or Dark Chocolate1.4 OZ1.692.09
FE05/17MadecasseChocolate BarAssorted Varieties2.64 OZ2/$53.89
FE05/17Theo ChocolateOrganic Almond Butter CupsSalted Dark Choc1.3 OZ2/$63.29
FE05/17Theo ChocolateOrganic Chocolate BarsAssorted Varieties3 OZ2/$63.79
FE05/17Theo ChocolateOrganic Pnut Butter CupsAssorted Varieties1.3 OZ2/$42.35
FE_BevCllr05/17Aura BoraSparkling WaterAssorted Varieties12 OZ2/$32.19
FE_BevCllr05/17De La CalleOrganic Tepache BeverageAssorted Varieties12 OZ2/$53.39
FE_BevCllr05/17Roar OrganicOrganic Electrolyte WaterAssorted Varieties18 OZ2/$42.59
FE_JuiceCllr05/17Califia FarmsIced Coffee w/Almond MilkAssorted Varieties48 OZ5.497.39
FE_JuiceCllr05/17Califia FarmsLemonade 48 OZ5.495.89
FE_Pets05/17Paw LoveDog TreatsStuffed Beef Pnut Btr1 CT3.254.45
FE_Pets05/17Paw LoveDog TreatsHappy Hooves Pnut Bttr2 CT4.996.99
FE_Pets05/17Paw LoveDog TreatsSmall Stuffed Beef PB2 CT3.695.19
FE_Pets05/17Paw LoveDog TreatsThick Bully Stick 6 inch2 CT6.458.89
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueCanned Cat FoodOcean White Fish, Chicken Brn Rice5.5 OZ1.792.69
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueCanned Cat Food Organic Chicken or Turkey & Liver5.5 OZ1.992.99
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueCanned Dog FoodSalmon & Sweet Potato13.2 OZ3.695.09
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueCanned Dog FoodChicken or Turkey & Brn Rice13.2 OZ2.453.59
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueCanned Dog Food OrganicAssorted Varieties12.5 OZ2.794.09-4.19
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueDry Cat FoodSalmon & Sweet Potato3 LB15.5521.59
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueDry Cat FoodTurkey & Brown Rice3 LB12.1517.59
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueDry Dog FoodWhitefish & Potato4 LB14.8921.59
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueOrganic Dry Cat FoodChicken & Liver3 LB15.9921.99
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueOrganic Dry Cat FoodTurkey & Liver3 LB15.9921.99
FE_Pets05/17Tender & TrueOrganic Dry Dog FoodChicken or Turkey & Liver4 LB18.9927.29
FE_Reg 405/17Little SecretsMini Crispy WafersAssorted Varieties3.5 OZ4.995.99
FE_Reg 405/17Torie & HowardOrganic Fruit Chew CandyAssorted Varieties2.1 OZ1.291.85
PB&J05/17CroftersOrganic Fruit SpreadAssorted Varieties16.5 OZ5.496.49-7.29
PB&J05/17CroftersOrganic Just Fruit SpreadAssorted Varieties10 OZ3.995.59
PB&J05/17Justin'sPeanut ButterHoney or Classic28 OZ6.999.79

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