Curbside Order Entry

  • This program is primarily intended for seniors, immunocompromised households, and those customers who should not be in close public quarters. Please help us serve these customers as a priority and shop in-store if you are able.
  • Because of the high volume of requests for this service, each customer will be limited to one curbside order every three (3) days.
  • The curbside pickup program currently runs Tuesday through Friday. Please Plan Accordingly.
  • Tuesday through Thursdays, orders placed before noon will be available by noon the next day.
    - Orders placed before noon Friday will be available after noon on Tuesday.
    - Note: All orders placed after noon on any day, will not be filled for at least 36 hours.
  • All questions about your order that need clarification will be handled via email.
  • If we get more orders than we can handle in one day, we will roll the latter orders to the next day, and will communicate the change to you via email.
  • All curbside orders must be picked up by 6pm on the day that they are picked.
  • Orders are filled in the order they are received.
  • When orders are Picked, a staff member will call you to make Credit Card payment. Please do not include payment information on this form or through any emails.
  • When you arrive for PickUp –
    Call 541-345-1014.
    Let them know where you are parked & open your car doors or trunk and a staff member will deliver your bags to the car.
  • Orders cannot be modified or cancelled once they have been placed.
  • There are no discounts, coupons or returns on curbside orders at this time.

Customer Information

ex: Keep Bags Light, Organic Only

Shopping List

  • Make sure to double check your selections as we are not able to accept any additions or modifications to your order at this time.
  • Be sure and include Brand/Item and Package Size or Weight for weighed items. (where applicable)
  • You are limited to no more than 2 of each item (excluding meat, deli, and produce).
    Toilet Paper packs are limited to one per customer
  • To a maximum of 30 total line items.
  • Out of stock items are inevitable. We will fill your order to the best of our ability with the info that you provide. Due to the volume of orders we cannot call back for clarifications or substitutes.
  • To allow substitutions please check the Subs box. If you prefer organic check the organic box.
  • If you prefer only organic items check the organic only box
  • Use the Area/Location listed below as best you can for each item.




Natural Health

Add another item to this order?

Optional Service Charge

We know that when the pandemic is over we will have to charge for curbside service. We are committed to offering this service at no extra charge until its safe for people to shop in person again. Thanks to those of you who are able to chip in. If you aren't able to chip in, please know that we are happy to have you use this service as well. We appreciate all of you and are happy to serve you.

Service Agreement

Wine and Beer Orders: The driver must be 21 or older and show ID at pick-up. Orders cannot be modified or cancelled once they have been processed. There are no discounts or returns on curbside orders at this time. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. Payment is taken as a credit card over the phone before pickup. Orders must be picked up the same day as payment. No physical contact required at pick-up.

This is the date the order has been placed.
We will do our best to accommodate next day delivery.

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