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We are proud to say that our grocery selection represents the very best from around the world with a special eye toward products from the Northwest!

Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Eugene's World Class Neighborhood Market

CAPELLA MARKET is named after the Alpha star in the constellation Auriga (the charioteer). As a double star made of two yellow class "G" stars, Capella is one of the three brightest stars in the northern sky, burning at a temperature roughly that of our own sun.

WE ARE A NATURAL FOODS store in Eugene, Oregon. Located on the south side of town at 2489 Willamette (directions), we are proud to be found in the old Oasis building (an old, local natural foods store which changed to a Wild Oats in 1997), an historic store which many of us worked for in the mid to late '90s.

Our connection to, our history with and our experience in the natural foods market is robust, and it shows. It shows in our friendly customer service & knowledgeable staff. It shows in our departments (learn more about them with the links on the side), from our Produce department stock full of organic & local fruits & veggies to our Meat department with hormone & antibiotic free choices.

QUALITY IS IMPORTANT in all things. From your standards of living to the food you put on your family's table. We believe in this and feel that shopping at Capella Market is choosing on the side of quality, nutrition & just plain old good sense.

THANK YOU FOR VISITING. Stop by, send us an email, or call us.


Curbside Grocery Service:

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Produce Greens

The paradise of my fancy is one where pigs have wings

Flying Pig
~ G.K. Chesterton, Fancies Versus Fads
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Capella Market

Fresh high-quality produce, emphasizing local & organically grown

We offer a wide array of natural, organic, gourmet & local packaged foods

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Chemical-free meats & seafoods
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Milk products
  • Organic honey
  • Organic tea
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