In addition to all of the amazing food and beverages here at Capella, we also have a variety of products to enhance a healthy lifestyle. You can find meat thermometers, cheesecloth, baking and kitchen tools, food storage containers, yoga mats, coffee mugs, and textiles including scarves, bags & pouches and organic cotton or wool socks. In each case, we select items that we consider to be of high quality and good value. Many mercantile items can be found above food displays, so look up!

Mercantile Greeting Cards

Great selection

We carry a large variety of food, lifestyle and health magazines, and well as a selection of greeting cards.

Natural Health Department

Our Natural Health Department features a variety of supplements, vitamins, natural and homeopathic remedies.

Meat Department

Our Meat Department features high quality antibiotic meat and seafood from as close to home as possible.
Featured Brands:
King Estate Winery
Wildcraft Cider Works
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