Our Produce Department has a wide selection of the best fruits and vegetables from close to home and around the world. We pride ourselves on finding the highest quality fruits and vegetables from as close to home as possible. During the spring, summer and fall we source as much as we can from our local farmers.


Special selection

While you will always find Fuji apples, bananas and green leaf lettuce in our store, you can also count on a wide selection of fresh herbs, along with more exotic fruit and vegetables. Our passion for food often extends to carrying less commonly found produce such as fresh turmeric, kohlrabi, pomegranates and Jicama. Depending on the season and what we can get from our vendors, our selection is ever changing and always impressive.

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Curbside Grocery Service:

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Grocery Department

In our Grocery Department, we strive to create a selection of the highest quality ingredients sourced from as close to home as possible.

Meat Department

Our Meat Department features high quality antibiotic meat and seafood from as close to home as possible.
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