Meats And Fish

What’s for dinner

As we grind through the last of winter and more months of the pandemic, it's easy to start feeling a little weary. Around here, when we want to distract ourselves from the daily bummers, we ask each other, "What did you have for dinner?" We love to dive into the what did you have/what will you have for dinner question. When we are out of ideas, here comes the coworker who had nachos or quiche, meatloaf or lasagne. It was in one of these conversations that a coworker shared an idea so simple, it was embarrassing not to have thought of it sooner: Fish stick tacos.

We have awesome carne asada in our meat department. It's perfect for taco night, and we lean on it hard every Tuesday. In our house we like soft shell tacos with cotija, red cabbage, salsa, cilantro and lots of lime. Some coworkers go the chorizo tofu route (New York Times Cooking has a great recipe). Some of us go hard shell with cheddar and lettuce, like our parents made when we were kids. We all love taco night, week in and week out. And, at a certain point, as great as it is, taco night gets a little...stale.

Enter the humble fish stick from the freezer section. With their crisp breading and easy prep and clean up, fish tacos have never been so easy. Chop your veggies and prep your cheese while the oven is preheating. When the fish is out of the oven, crank the heat to warm up your tortillas and you are in business. Crunchy flaky fish is as close as our freezer aisle.

Meats And Fish
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