Happy Solstice

Tis the Season of the Light

Happy Solstice!

When I was growing up, there was no Christmas tree in our house until that magic morning. Where my German relatives came from, Santa brought not only presents but a tree full of light to put them under.

In ancient European cultures people often brought a live tree into their house at this time of year. The green of the yule tree represented eternal life, even as the sun’s rays grew shorter with each passing day. A stout yule log placed in the hearth shed light throughout the house on that longest night.

In Iran, people gather for Yalda night. Together they eat (particularly nuts, pomegranates and watermelons), read poetry, and share stories to ward off evil spirits during the longest night.

From Hanukkah to Kwanza, from Krampus to Old Saint Nick, people around the world gather at this time of year to celebrate the return of the light w/friends & family,
food & revelry.

Share your Light and make our world
a brighter place!

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